Frequently Asked Questions

For how much time massage therapy will be provided?

Generally, the massage therapy in Mumbai will be provided for one hour. But there are therapies of shorter or longer sessions. There are three sessions of massage therapy. The massage therapy will be provided for 45 min, 60 min and 90 min.

What are the usual timings of massage centres?

The massage centres work for almost 10-12 hours. But the basic timings will be from 10am to 8pm. But the time may be extended as per consumer demand.

Does the massage therapy and centres opened on Sunday?

Yes, the massage centres located in Mumbai also worked on Sunday. Sunday is the main day as a lot of corporate and business have holidays so they usually came on Sunday to get the relaxed therapy sessions.

Do the massage parlors in Mumbai provide extra beneficial services?

The extra beneficial services depend upon the customer demands. If the customers ask for the extra beneficial services and are ready to pay extra for the services, then it will be provided.

Do you provide any massage package for the regular and daily customers?

Yes, there is a package for the regular and daily customers. The package cost depends upon the type of therapy customers is taking inside the massage parlors. So you can keep consult at the desk about the package cost.


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